Packaging materials based on aluminium foil 


Pharmaceutical industry

  • Blister foil
  • "Alu-Alu" – cold form foil
  • Strip foil
  • Suppository film

Blister foil

Aluminium foil packaging materials with heat seal lacquer on the one side and with primer for printing on the other side of the foil. The foil thickness is 20-25 microns. Applicable for flex or rotogravure printing.

"Alu-Alu" – cold form foil

Foil for cold forming provides moisture, gas and ultraviolet rays resistance, maximum protection for medical goods with advanced demands of protection.

Strip foil

Foil provides high protection from moisture and ultraviolet rays. It has excellent properties for heat sealing. Applicable for flex or rotogravure printing.

Suppository film

The material consists of PVC film (polyvinylchloride) laminated with PE (low-density polyethylene). It provides a barrier for fluids and gases. It has excellent properties for heat sealing due to PE layer.


Food industry

  • Lacquered aluminium foil
  • Printed aluminium foil

Lacquered aluminium foil

Aluminium foil with heat sealing and protective coating has wide range of application in the dairy market segment for molten cheese packaging. It provides reliable light protection of the product and prevents from bacteria’s penetration. It allows to eliminate the problem of mould appearing and to prolong the shelf life of products. We are producing printed aluminium foil with any background shade or any exclusive logo by means of rotogravure printing.

Printed aluminium foil

Rotogravure printing allows to obtain a high quality image on the foil with thickness starting from 9 mcm. Such productions has widely used in the confectionary market as wraps for chocolate and sweets, and also for ice-cream packaging. Only thin aluminium foil could exactly repeat the geometric shape of goods and protect them from the influence of external factors, and exclusive design make it recognizable and appealing.


Packaging materials based on aluminium foil

Aluminum foil is very important material for packaging industry thanks to unique properties of the foil.

Barrier properties prevent from moisture, common in out daily life chemical compounds, oxides, steam and gases, microorganisms, light and UV radiation penetration, that helps to save fresh and quality food products, medical drugs and cosmetics.

Foil is resistant to packing goods, excludes painting, changing the taste and smell of the food-products.

Thermo resistant and thermal conductivity make is possible to perform thermo treatment and sterilization of the products, as well as thermo-welding of the packaging material.

Foil is also resistant to low temperatures and it is suitable to pack strongly frozen products.

Foil is perfect for further processing:

  • printing;
  • coating;
  • lamination with different materials.