Polyethylene film 


Bulk solids

Packing of bulk solids (cereals, sugar, salt, starch, mustard, dried milk, pasta) implies small powder that prevents packing process. To solve this problem our company offers film with high weld strength rate and with some special antistatic agents which prevent a packing from contamination.


Container Doy-Pack

Our company offers a unique formulation of polyethylene film that meets all necessary claims of doy-pack container. Its main distinction is its good weldability at various temperatures that allows to provide quality and production stability.


Frozen products

Modern system of storage and transportation of the frozen production defines the necessity of a thorough packing selection. Our company offers a wide range of polyethylene films which have such properties as resistance to cracking at low temperatures, flexibility, transparency and high shock strength.


Wet wipes

Our company offers a special kind of polyethylene films. Their peculiarity is that the quality of a welded joint is to exclude the alcohol evaporation. Packing of hygiene products including wet wipes implies the correspondence of a film to hygiene standards that is completely provided at our plant.


Polyethylene film

Coextrusioned polyethylene film in rolls is used for packaging of food, household chemicals, medicine packing. It is also used as a layer for combined materials (with PP, PET, paper, aluminum foil etc), for printing and for other purposes.

Qualitative characteristics of a film:

  • minimal deviations from thickness
  • high physical and mechanical rates
  • optimal friction coefficient
  • good weldability at various temperatures
  • sufficient surface activation
  • absence of sags and roughness
  • contact with provision

Main spheres of film application:

  • containers Doy-pack
  • frozen products
  • wet wipes
  • bulk solids
  • .