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Champagne caps and laminate caps

  • Primer/AL/Thermal varnish
  • Primer/AL/PE/AL/Primer
  • Primer/AL/Paper/Thermal varnish

Our company offers roll materials for laminate caps and caps for sparkling and still wines (AL/PE/AL), for top disk (foil with thermal varnished covering) and for tear-off tapes made of PVC and PET. These materials are used for packing and decoration of wines and liquors, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Cable production

  • Al / РЕT
  • Al / РЕ
  • Al / РЕT / Al

The main sphere of this production usage is power and cable industry (shielding of cable production). These materials are a flexible composition consisting of aluminum foil (insulating layer) and PET (lavsan) or PE films depending on cable use.


Containers Bag-in-Box

  • РЕ / metPET / РЕ
  • metPET / Nylon / РЕ

Our company offers a wide range of structures, in the basis of which in house polyethylene films, laminated with metalized or barrier films are. These materials serve as a barrier for oxygen, prevent moisture penetration into the packed product, hereby keeping its qualities.


Flexible packing

  • PET / Al / РЕ
  • Paper / Al
  • Paper / Al / РЕ

In the process of production various kinds of films (PET, metPET, PP, metPP, PE etc), a wide range of papers and aluminum foil are used. And in combination with each other they serve as a packing for almost all kinds of products. The breadth of these materials usage can be explained by almost unlimited possibilities of their properties. You may choose the structure of the composite material, determine the order of layer alternation and choose the optimal technology and equipment for a certain material production. The main spheres of these combined materials usage are: packing of food concentrates, dry beverage foods, confectionary, tobacco goods, baby food, dairy, snack products and other sublimated products.


Building insulation

  • Al / РЕ
  • metPET / РЕ
  • PET / Al / РЕ

The given materials are used for lamination with foamed polyethylene. As a result we get a finished product – it is heat-, steam-, soundproof material. By its heat insulating qualities it belongs to a class of reflecting insulation. As a reflecting layer we use, first of all, aluminum foil in aggregate with a thin layer of polyethylene film. Use of foil allows to reach a good reflectivity factor and provides high corrosion resistance. In cases when a protection of foil layer and production of a material with improved physical and mechanical properties are required, we use PET film that covers the aluminum layer (PET/AL/PE). As an alternative to aluminum foil metalized films (PET or PP) in aggregate with polyethylene can be used.


Combined materials

Our company offers a wide range of roll combined materials intended for different industries. New technologies realized on the equipment of the world leading producers play an important role in the production organization. Materials are produced by adhesion of various films, foil, paper and other materials with each other and it gives a customer an opportunity to choose the most optimal structure. All combined materials are certified. Along with this we always control the quality of the manufactured products.