Printing Options

  • Flex printing
  • Screen printing

Flex printing

This type of printing is the best for production of all kinds of labels and packings. It becomes possible to print a lot of rolls on materials of different thickness with a high speed.

Screen printing

This type of printing has one important peculiarity – it is an ability to obtain a thick paint layer (from 10 microns to 1000 microns) with a dense spreading capacity and splendid color brightness.


Ways of decoration

  • Multicolor foil stamping
  • Relief stamping
  • Figured carving

Multicolor foil stamping

We use hot and cold foil stamping of any color.

Relief stamping

Relief stamping is a special way of adpressing that gives a relief to earlier printed with inks elements. A label becomes unusually exquisite and attractive.

Figured carving

We produce labels of standard forms and dimensions, and exclusive ones specially created for various production decoration.



  • Embossed paper
  • Metallized paper
  • Embossed materials for wine labels
  • Transparent and white films
  • Thermo paper

Embossed paper

Paper with a glue layer, semy-glossy on paper base.

Thermo paper

Thermo paper with glue layer is appropriate for thermo printing on paper base.

Metallized paper

Metalized paper on paper base.

Embossed materials for wine labels

Embossed paper on paper base. This material is specially designed with relief surface, the structuce and glue layer of this surface make it possible for the label to save perfect quality properties even in cold and moisture.

Transparent and white films

White and transparent polyethylene with glue layer on paper base. This material is for industries, where labels are used in moisture and oil or with chemical substances.



In 2000 our company opened a modern printing house producing self-adhesive labels in rolls. High-tech equipment allows fulfilling the most complicated orders.