Technical specifications

Modern Germany and Taiwan made engraving machines are installed at TECHNOLOGIA JSC to produce clichés specially for stamping (embossing)

  • Engraving depth: from 0,01 to 3 mm
  • Engraving plate: 350x450 mm
  • Minimum line thickness: 0,1 mm
  • Cliché thickness: from 2 to 7 mm (for the plates) or over 7 mm for free-shaped stamping tools (sectors, rolls).
  • Stamping rolls diameter: from 20 to 150 mm
  • Stamping roll length: from 30 to 350 mm

Fields of application

  • Printing industry (labels, business-cards, paper based note-books, covers, plastic bags, greeting-cards, etc.)
  • Leather stamping (straps, purses, bags, gloves)
  • Personalization and marking
  • Roasting (for example marking of wooden goods or parts)


  • Brass
  • Magnesium
  • Steel
  • Copper


A cliché is a stamping plate to make images on metal, foil, leather, paper and different materials. Clichés can also be used to achieve embossing (lifting the level of image above the background).