Finance report


TECHNOLOGIA JSC is a company specializing on closing and packing materials production. Over the years of existence the company has achieved leading positions both in Ukrainian and foreign markets. The company exports to 33 countries worldwide and embraces 4 continents. The name of our plant implies the aspiration of the employees to keep up with the times using the most up-to-date technologies. The TECHNOLOGIA JSC development vector is directed to the constant self-improvement that is realized through production, management and quality control systems.
Central office
It was emerged historically that from the first days of establishment the aim and main activity of the plant has been manufacturing. In 2009 a new plant TECHNOLOGIA JSC was built. It includes administrative buildings as well as working areas and warehouses. For the present day the area of the central office and under-roof industrial premises makes up 12_000 sq.m. We can see good opportunities to grow up to the size if the world-leader in our branch.
Manufacturing is the basic-compound of the successful work of TECHNOLOGIA JSC. The philosophy of the enterprise is based on the highest quality product output insured through production lines from the world leading manufacturers of Germany, Italy, Holland and Denmark. We follow a very simple rule: all the equipment must be bought brand-new, efficient and up-to-date. The main element of the production process are highly skilled employees. This all invariably guarantees the high quality of our products.
We supply our products to the following countries:
The philosophy of TECHNOLOGIA JSC is based on honest, open and long-term relationships with partners. That is why we are oriented to render the all-inclusive services. We make the art-work of a product, search for the most successful way for its implementation and transport the goods to a final customer. We are open to cooperation on different levels. We wish not to stop on the achieved and to go ahead together with our clients. This wish is the basis of our work.
Basic principles
Self-improvement. We constantly aspire to exceed ourselves and to be the best in our business.
Quality.We are responsible for the stable production quality that satisfies the growing demands of the customer.
Comprehensive approach. We have an ability to approach to new developments comprehensively, combining services and production.
Honesty The legality of business administration is the fundamental criterion of the plant work.
Protection and guarantees. We protect our production with patents in order to provide stable competitive advantage to our clients.
Openness. We are always ready to discuss with our clients all possible ways of cost decrease without any production damage of quality.
Independence. We have a priority in working with clients without mediators.
Professionalism. Investments in employees’ education and advanced training are the guarantee of a successful work of the enterprise.